Photography for you and your family with focus on the final product that you can pass down to generations to come.


Professional portraits of your family can bring your story to life.

With today’s now-ness, we are inundated with busy. We take pictures on our phones and post immediately to social media. We all are photographers. How often do you put the phone down and just get a chance to be with the ones you love, or be yourself? Can you look at these images every day that brings you joy and resurrects happy moments in your life? A photographer can capture just that and so much more.

As a professional photographer, I strive to bring people’s stories to life where ever they are in their lives. This is for high school seniors, couples in the first home or just because, and families who love to connect with each other at their favorite southern Maine spot. These images are meant to be a part of your story, on your walls and in your home to remind you of those times.

So where shall we start?

Will Wohler photography is a subsidiary of Wohler & Co. 

If you are looking for Personal Branding Portraits or Headshots head over there for more information.