2010 a Year in Review

Wow… I am so glad 2011 is upon us and 2010 is in the past; like many of you out there. I think the photo above somewhat represents the year.  It had many challenges, but some of those challenges brought growth and forced me to make some changes.  Looking back the good times, and photos I am proud of, came from some obstacles that I had to overcome.  Some I myself put in front of me as a means of change and to break out of the box a little.  So lets get to it!

I have seen myself grow in so many ways, through my photography, as a conductor and as a person.  I feel like I am starting to find my way in this crazy world, or at least am happy with where I am at and what I am doing.   I am very introverted and don’t like conflict so I tend to stay away from possible confrontations, and sometimes interactions all together.  That has started to change this past year and this blog, for instance, has been a great place for me to share and to put myself out there.  I have also been more active on twitter and facebook, and commenting on other’s blog posts;  which scored me a camera bag from a blog post on Tiffinbox.org. (A great resource by the way).  These interactions have lead me to be more confident in what I do and have led to some future work.  I have also since met other photographers and had some great conversations; one was really impressed with my work! Ahhh!  To get a compliment from another photographer who has been in the business a long time is a big thing, well at least for me!  I hope my face wasn’t too red and the smile to big when he saw a print of mine.  I guess taking a compliment is something I will have to work on in 2011.

Photographically, I feel I have taken some huge gains in my craft and the results prove that.  It has been growing all a long but I have really noticed it’s growth this past year and I will share some images in a bit but would like to thank only some of those for their inspirational blogs and content that has given me the spark to go for it.  These are just a few of the many that I look at everyday.

Don Giannatti with Lighting-Essentials
Zack Arias
Chase Jarvis
Skip Cohen with Marketing Essentials
David duChemin
Seshu with Tiffinbox.org
David E Jackson
Jack Hollingsworth
Scott Bourne at Photofocus
Everyone at The Photography Corner

Now lets get to the photos! Starting with somewhat of a chronological look at the portraits I have taken this year.

Here are some favorite Fine Art shots I got this year.

Thanks 2010 for a great growing experience, now on to bigger things for 2011!
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