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Photos taken around the state of Maine.

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Spring Time is Here. Portrait Season is Here

I still can’t get over this winter we just had. Many days in the 40s and some above that. Spring has been teasing us, but old man winter also had his share of time in the spotlight. Looking at the weather for the week or so, I see mid to upper 60s! Great weather to get out of our holes and outside. Also a great time to start thinking about getting some new portraits done. Well that’s what I’m here for. Contact me or read on to see what I have to offer. Photo shoots are always a good time, I promise that!

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Meet. Play. Give.

This is the motto of a local sports organization here in Portland, Maine.  Started by two great people, Morgan and Dave. I met them playing in one of their leagues and we have been close ever sense. Their idea for an organization really struck me as something unique and I knew I wanted to be apart of it some how, even if it was just playing in the leagues; although I knew I would be involved much deeper. A major part of their philosophy is to give back to the community through donating money to local charities. Read on after the jump to hear more about this great organization and I have been involved. Click their logo below to get to their site.

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