Commemorate this moment in life with photographs crafted around you.

A unique person who is onto the rest of your life after high school. A time worth commemorating. I have often looked back at my senior pictures and really wish I did something more than have them taken in the Sears photo studio, yes they had them back then…

We guide you through a thorough experience so that you will have images and products that you, and your family, can look back on. Today’s selfie mentality is great, but having a something that is uniquely you that you don’t have to plan out and can last a lifetime. Never too early to start thinking about it.

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You deserve to have the perfect session from start to finish.

Here is how we ensure that. A process that elevates stress and that you are involved in from preparing right through print.


We will develop a plan together to create the best imagery for you. A custom created photo session that incorporates the things that are meaningful to you or your family. An experience starts and ends with the final products.


Where the plan gets put into action and we create the images and content. Don't worry about being in front of the camera, you will easily get comfortable. There will be some craziness so be forewarned.


Sitting down together to reveal the images to you first, then talk through all options for how you wanted to display them. From wall art to gift prints to family members. With some digital options as well.

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Will Wohler photography is a subsidiary of Wohler & Co. 

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